EXO-L Are Furious At SM Entertainment For Allowing Chinese Agencies To Buy Up All Of EXO’s Concert Tickets

These resellers apparently have hundreds of tickets that they sell for an outrageous price.

Recent photos from on an online community post infuriated EXO fans, as they showed hundreds of EXO concert tickets being sold online by Chinese resellers.


The photos of the tickets, which were apparently all front-seat tickets, were uploaded onto Weibo.


The tickets shown in the photos were not even 1/5 of the available tickets, according to the poster.


The netizen who uploaded the post explained that EXO concert tickets were impossible to obtain because of these Chinese resellers.


Moreover, because SM Entertainment was allowing this to happen.


It wasn’t only EXO concerts that this was happening to either. These Chinese agencies were also apparently buying up all the tickets for other artists as well.


And according to netizens, they would throw away tickets that don’t sell rather than reducing the price, to prevent the prices from dropping.

  • “There were witnesses who saw them rip up the tickets before the concert began.”
  • “They can sell 10 tickets for $900 so they won’t reduce the price for 1~2 tickets. Then fans won’t buy tickets at the higher price next time.”
  • “Because they already profit from the other tickets, they get rid of them thinking ahead for the next concert.”
  • “I don’t know about ripping them up but I do think they don’t sell them at a cheaper price. When I went to another artist’s concert, there were a bunch of empty rows in the front.”


Fans have been furious at SM Entertainment for allowing this to happen.

  • “Wow, the scale of it. SM must be handing around the tickets or something…how do they not think to catch them? If only they would open a pre-sale for the fan club, this problem wouldn’t be as serious.”
  • “LOL SM…please”
  • “Seriously…”
  • “This is infuriating…”
  • “That’s really serious.”
  • “That’s where all my Hong Kong tickets went…I kept requesting SM since a long time ago and they just continue to ignore.”
  • “I’m so angry. Where’s my seat!”
  • “Trash…”
  • “I can’t believe my eyes.”
  • “When will SM get it together?”
  • “SM, do your job already!”


Some have even claimed that it is SM who is selling these tickets to the Chinese agencies beforehand.

  • “I think SM is selling the tickets beforehand.”
  • “It’s correct that SM is giving these to the ticketing agencies~”
  • “SM is probably giving these on purpose. Even if they catch them through macro programs…1,150,000 people are trying to buy tickets at the same time so…”
  • “It’s not easy for international fans to buy tickets in Korea so it’s probably for them.”
  • “They sell it to international fans for a higher price.”
  • “I don’t know if they’re agencies or really macro users but they apparently receive the money from Chinese people and then charge them more once they get the tickets. I heard they sell for about $450~$900 USD on average.”


Nonetheless, domestic fans are extremely frustrated with the situation as they are not able to attend the concerts even if they want to.

  • “I support a Korean artist but why is it that international fans are getting more benefits lol.”
  • “I want to go so bad but can’t go because there are no tickets.”
  • “I wish we could just stand in line and buy them instead, even if it’s harder.”
  • “I hate this so much. SM please do something!”
  • “It’s the same for all SM artists. It’s our artists who are doing the performing but why are they the ones making the money…?”
  • “We can’t go even if we want to…”
  • “This is so frustrating…”
Source: Instiz