EXO’s Chanyeol Receives Backlash After Old Photo Of Him Sending Off Lee Jonghyun To The Army Resurfaces

People have also come to Chanyeol’s defense.

Back in August of 2018, Lee Jonghyun enlisted in his military service, making him the last CNBLUE member to enlist at the time. Close friend Chanyeol of EXO sent him off to the military, showing signs that he will be missing his friend while he’s doing his duties.

While many were touched by their friendship back then, there is now a sour taste in people’s mouths after it was revealed that Lee Jonghyun was a member of Jung Joonyoung‘s chatrooms and participated in inappropriate sexual conversations and conversations degrading women. He has admitted to watching videos shared in the groupchat and that he made inappropraite remarks concerning the women in the videos. He has left CNBLUE due to the backlash.

Are there no kind and pretty b**ches? Someone that’s good to play with.

An example of what Lee Jonghyun sent in the chatroom

Many wonder how Chanyeol could have been friends with someone like that, with some antis claiming that it’s a reflection of Chanyeol’s character. Netizens are also saying that they are not cursing out Chanyeol for no reason, but because he deserves it for hanging out with him.

Some have defended Chanyeol, saying there is no proof that he had any idea about Lee Jonghyun’s illegal activities. Fans have also come to Chanyeol’s defense, saying that just because he knew someone who is bad doesn’t make him bad by default.

He should be sending him off to jail instead.

– Netizen

Source: Pann

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