EXO’s Chen Reveals Which Member He Opens Up To The Most + Expresses Gratitude To host Apink’s Eunji

Chen spoke warmly about this member.

EXO’s Chen is currently promoting his latest album “Dear My Dear” with title track MV “Shall We?” 

On October 3, he guested on KBS Cool FM’s radio show Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza, where he discussed his members, thoughts on title track, and more.


He revealed that while he’s close to all his members, the member that he opens up to the most is Xiumin


When you’re talking to someone, people will usually listen and then talk to you but Xiumin is someone who will just listen to what you say. I really liked that. —Chen


He then expressed his gratitude to the host of the show, Apink’s Jung Eunji, saying that because they’ve only greeted each other before, it was nice to have a meaningful conversation about so many things.


We only said hello to each other before, so it was good to have a conversation like this. More than anything, I’m grateful that you even studied about me because I was coming. Thank you.



Glad to know that EXO’s closer than ever, and Chen’s the most gracious guest!