EXO’s Kai Admits The Group “Achieved Nothing” When They First Debuted

He reminisced about EXO’s past.

EXO sat down for an interview with Teen Vogue to promote their sixth album Obsession.


The group reminisced about how far they’ve come as artists, noting that they’ve grown a lot since debuting with “Mama” in 2012.

In our early years we just played together, whereas now we’ve grown up and matured.

– Baekhyun


Kai admitted that EXO had humble beginnings in the K-Pop scene, not being anywhere near as big as they are now.

At the time of our debut, we had achieved nothing and everything was up in the air.

– Kai


The members bonded pre-debut with the goal to perform together on stage and break records.

We talked about working together for a long time, hitting number one on the chart, winning awards, and more.

– Kai

As they started gaining popularity, their perspectives as artists changed as well.

Personally speaking, when we eventually achieved all those goals, I realized, yes, winning awards and being successful is important, but more importantly being able to perform happily as an artist is what mattered the most.

– Kai

Kai explained that breaking records is now secondary to their artistry.

There were times when I obsessed over our sales record, stages, and something tangible, but now my goal and dream is to be a happy artist, being satisfied with what I do.

– Kai

Now, their biggest goal is to keep making good music together for a long time.

They wish to do this not only for their fellow members, but their fans as well. EXO revealed that releasing an album every year is a tradition, something they keep doing despite their busy schedules even if it means promotions will be short.

It’s very meaningful for us to spend the end of the year with the fans.

– Suho


EXO made their comeback on November 27 with “Obsession”. This is their sixth album since debuting seven years ago, and the first they promoted as six members.

Source: Teen Vogue