EXO’s Kai Reacts to a Fan’s Apology After Being Mobbed at Airport

EXO‘s Kai was recently mobbed by a group of fans upon arriving at Singapore’s Changi Airport and then received an apology at EXO’s concert.

Kai, who took a different flight from the other EXO members due to filming in Japan, arrived in Singapore around midnight in order to take part in EXO’s The EXO’rDIUM concert. Upon arrival, Kai was surrounded by overexcited fans who were eager to get close to him.

Despite being surrounded by fans, Kai wanted to make sure that everyone there remained safe and uninjured.

Many fans worried that they would not be able to properly apologize to Kai, however, at the concert on April 2 a fan was able to pass on the message.

"Sorry [for what happened] at the airport" apology sign written by a fan
The sign reads “Sorry [for what happened] at the airport” in reference to Kai being mobbed by fans upon his arrival. / Source: 95.hanbi
In the video below, we can see Kai taking a moment to read the sign before saying “It’s okay, it’s okay” in Korean. We are happy that neither Kai nor any fans were injured and that Kai was able to receive an apology from his fans.

After reading the sign, Kai says “It’s okay, it’s okay” in Korean. / SOURCE: 95.hanbi

EXO’s The EXO’rDIUM concert tour will come to a close on May 27 and 28 of this year with two encore concerts at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul.