EXO’s Lay commits to donating over $16,000USD per year to newly-established scholarship fund

In celebration of his high school’s 110th anniversary, EXO’s Lay announced that he has established a scholarship fund for the students attending the school!

While Lay was not able to attend the celebration event on May 2nd, he gifted the school a scholarship fund, with him personally donating 100,000RMB (approximately $16,090USD) on a yearly basis, to assist his juniors at the school.

In addition, Lay also recorded a warm message for everyone at the school. In the video, Lay expressed, “Hello to everyone at the school! Today is the school’s 110th birthday. Here, I wish the school a happy birthday and the teachers good health while staying forever young, happy, and beautiful. I also wish for my juniors to stay happy while studying hard and making progress everyday!

Watch the video of Lay delivering his message here!

Source: 56YK and Weibo