[★TRENDING] EXO’s Lay hospitalized for chronic waist injury

It has been reported that EXO’s Lay had to receive treatment on the morning of May 19th after aggravating a previous waist injury.

Originally, Lay was scheduled to meet 150 fans at the Idol’s Hug event, streamed online in real time, on May 19th at 1pm local time. However, due to his waist injury, he had to seek immediate treatment just hours before the scheduled start time.

Despite the urgent situation, Lay did not want to disappoint the fans who traveled to attend the event, as well as those who were waiting to watch the event live. In the end, the scheduled time was only moved back by an hour as Lay attended the event despite being bothered by his waist injury.

Earlier this month, Lay also had to seek treatment after injuring his neck while filming a variety show in Mainland China.

Source: Sina TV