EXO’s Lay Posts Controversial Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Police, Fans Divided

“He is against any acts or words that split his country.”

On August 14, EXO‘s Lay, also known as Zhang Yixing, trended on Twitter for posting a tweet that garnered mixed reactions from fans.

His tweet disapproved of the Hong Kong protests being done by the country’s citizens.

On one hand, some fans are expressing disappointment that he is defending the Hong Kong police who, incidentally, are being accused of police brutality. This comes during a time of strong protests from citizens who are demanding for greater democracy from Mainland China. Hong Kong is currently part of a “One Country, Two Systems” policy with China.

Protests began when the Hong Kong government introduced an extradition bill that citizens feared would erode the country’s judicial independence. Among others, they are now calling for the complete withdrawal of the bill and to investigate alleged police brutality, including their firing of tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters.

Fans believe that as a celebrity, he has the power to use his influence for the good.

On the other hand, many are also pledging their loyalty and support to Lay. They point out how he is a major celebrity in Mainland China and thus may not have full control over his actions.

In related news, Lay has also reportedly cancelled his contract with Samsung Electronics for damaging China’s “territorial integrity.” The news went viral on Weibo being viewed 840 million times after it was posted.

Lay has also warned one of his latest and biggest endorsers, Calvin Klein, to respect Beijing’s “one China” policy after it implied that Taiwan and Hong Kong are independent countries. Lay‘s representatives stated, “”He is against any acts or words that split his country.”

Source: Straitstimes and South China Morning Post