EXO’s Sehun Just Made Suho The Happiest Hyung Ever With This Simple Instagram Post

Suho is a proud parent!

EXO’s leader Suho and maknae Sehun have shared a close relationship since debut.

Suho loves doting on EXO’s youngest member, while Sehun considers Suho as one of his favorite hyungs.

The former roommates have been inseparable and it looks like Suho has gotten used to being affectionate with Sehun.

One such example was on display recently when Sehun had not posted on Instagram for more than ten days.

Much to the delight of fans, Suho decided to make an intervention.

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He made a comment on an old Instagram photo that Sehun had posted two weeks ago where he made a request to EXO’s maknae.

Please update something on Instagram, I’ll leave a comment

It looks like Sehun decided to go through with his hyung‘s wishes.

About two hours after Suho made that comment, Sehun posted a simple Instagram photo of his dog Vivi.

Fans were blessed to see Vivi’s cute and refreshing visuals.

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Even though it may not have been a photo of Sehun, a promise is a promise.

Suho had to show his gratitude to Sehun for being such an attentive and great dongsaeng.

Maknae who listens to my words well

Fans have shown their appreciation to EXO’s leader for making Sehun update his Instagram, showing that he truly follows what his hyung tells him to do.

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Everyone would love to have a dongsaeng as understanding and obedient as Sehun!