EXO’s Sehun May Have Posted A Spoiler On Instagram And Chanyeol Wants Him To Delete It

No one can control the maknae

Oh Sehun may be the loveable maknae of EXO but EXO-Ls know that he can be a wild child, even to his hyungs.

EXO has been rumoured to be making their next comeback over the new few months, although nothing substantial has been confirmed yet.

Fans are curious about what style of music and visuals the group will be pursuing this time.

Additionally, the members are beginning to branch out into more solo activities, with Chen being the first EXO member to embark on a solo debut and the other members have been making music for SM Station.

Recently, Sehun posted a mysterious photo on his Instagram.

Fans didn’t make too much of it, until they saw that Chanyeol had commented on the photo.

Yah why are you uploading this? Delete it …………

It seems like there must have been something wrong with Sehun posting this photo.

The particular reason for this was hinted when Chanyeol commented again on Sehun’s photo.

We’ll get scolded by the company

But Sehun was fearless and was fine with copping anger from SM Entertainment. He replied to Chanyeol’s comment

No turning back

Eagled-eyed fans have later identified that the person wearing black shoes is likely Chanyeol and the person with the ripped jeans is probably Sehun.

Considering that Sehun is at risk of getting scolded by SM Entertainment for posting this photo, fans think that this is most likely a spoiler.

EXO-Ls are grateful that Sehun is fearless enough to make his company angry, if it means giving the fans what they want.

Additionally Sehun has been spotted in Los Angeles, wearing the same ripped jeans that were taken in the photo.

If this was only a photoshoot, then why would SM Entertainment not want Sehun to post that photo?

Could this be another amazing song from Chanyeol and Sehun?

Or is an EXO comeback coming soon?

One thing is for certain. Sehun doesn’t take orders from anyone and that includes SM Entertainment. When he wants to do something, he’s going to do it.