EXO’s Sehun Takes Over The Top Spot In Worldwide Trends As He Makes His Detective Comeback In New Season Of “Busted!”

Detective Sehun FTW!

EXO‘s Sehun is back to solving crimes!

The Netflix Original show Busted!, which has been renewed for a second season, held the premiere for the upcoming season on November 8 (which is also the season’s release date).

All the cast members looked extremely happy and excited to be there, but Sehun in particular drew eyes for his perfect visuals as well!


Fans began trending the hashtag #DetectiveSehunIsBack in celebration of Sehun’s reprisal of his role in Busted! Season 2. Within a few hours, the hashtag soon reached the top spot of Twitter’s Worldwide Trends!

Fans have been extremely excited to see actor Sehun again:


Are you excited for Busted! Season 2?