EXO’s Spanish Cover Was Played On Live TV Thanks To EXO-Ls In Argentina

EXO officially made their presence known in Argentina when a much-requested song was played in the outro of an Argentinian newscast.

It appears Argentinian EXO-Ls have been working very hard to get EXO’s name out to the public, and their hard work has paid off. This past week, an Argentinian news station played EXO’s “Sabor a Mi” (Taste of Me) as their ending credit song, and it was all thanks to the work of dedicated fans.

The anchor revealed that fans had been requesting the song to play for weeks.

“[Today’s song] is from EXO, a Korean Pop group. For almost a week fans have been requesting that we play their song, and obviously they have won.”

Eleonora Pérez Caressi 


The songs feature in the show demonstrates a great accomplishment for EXO-L, who have played an important part in raising the recognition of K-Pop in Latin America. Their work has paid in other ways as well, as EXO will be bringing their EXO PLANET #3 – THE EXO’rDIUM  tour to Mexico in April.

Maybe they will once again perform this beautiful cover live thanks to fans attention!

In the meantime check out the full version of the original performance below: