EXO’s Tao spotted traveling in a wheelchair

On February 18th, fans began buzzing as EXO-M member Tao was seen traveling to his hometown in China for the Lunar New Year holidays in a wheelchair.

On February 18th, Tao was spotted in a wheelchair upon arrival at the Qingdao International Airport, being assisted by an airport ground staff. On the same day, Tao wrote on his Weibo, “Year 2015, Happy Year of the Goat~ I’m already home, and my leg injury has gotten a lot better, so don’t worry~ It’s a very warm feeling to be home. 2015’s Lunar New Year is a happy one for me because of my dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, relatives, and you guys. Hope everyone is happy and may all your wishes come true~

Tao continued, “Today I had my grandma’s homemade pig kidney dish. This makes me think of my childhood days; this is my favourite dish made by my grandma! Which family homemade dish do you guys want to eat the most? Come on, show me.

Despite being reassured by Tao himself that he is feeling better, fans have been concerned ever since the news of his injury surfaced, and grew even more worried after the pictures capturing him in a wheelchair at the airport were revealed.

Tao, along with GOT7’s Jackson, initially got injured while filming for MBC’s 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships back on February 2nd.

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