[★VIDEO] EXO’s Tao updates on his health condition and whereabouts

On April 9th, a press conference was held for Chinese movie My Sunshine, which EXO’s Tao has a part in. Although he was not able to attend the conference, he was reached by phone and commented on his current situation.

Fans have been worrying more about Tao’s condition ever since pictures of him buying medicine alone while on crutches surfaced. At the press conference, his good friend Huang Xiaoming called him and asked how he has been lately. Tao responded, “I’m okay. I went home to see my mom and dad and to get some rest for my leg injury,” suggesting that he has traveled back to his hometown of Qingdao, China.

Huang Xiaoming went on to say that everyone has been worried about him and thinking of him, to which Tao said, “I’m thinking of everyone too,” and later added, “Although my role in the movie is really small, I really gave it my all because you were by my side.

You can listen to what Tao has to say here.