EXO’s Xiumin braved through the “Golden Disk Awards” despite knee injury

EXO’s Xiumin eased his fans worries with a short speech during his attendance at the Golden Disk Awards. 

On January 21st, SM Entertainment confirmed that Xiumin will push through with his schedules and talked about his appearance at the yearly ceremony. However, despite his attendance, Xiumin was allowed to join the group with their performance, but with an adjusted choreography instead.

As the ceremony progress, EXO won sang for their album and Xiumin joined the group onstage for a short speech. Thanking their fans for the support, he also briefly talked about his injury and responded to his fans’ worries, assuring them that his leg is fine.

Meanwhile, Xiumin received a contusion to his right knee after sustaining it from a recent filming for the 2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships. Prior to the ceremony, he was seen being assisted by his fellow members as he made way his way to the official photowall and venue, along with fellow injured member, Kai.

SM Entertainment previously stated that they will tailor his activities depending on his recovery.

Source: Asia Today and TVReport