Expert Reveals Why Kang Daniel’s Home Is The Perfect Date Spot

A home like Daniel’s guarantees privacy.

Ever since the news of Kang Daniel and Jihyo dating emerged, people have been speculating about the couple’s secret date spots.

One such spot is, predictably, Kang Daniel’s luxury home. The SBS TV show One Night of TV Entertainment brought in a real estate expert to analyse the property.

As Kang Daniel’s home is a luxury villa, privacy is guaranteed. From the entrance, guards maintain the area. The houses overlook the Han River, but they’re blocked from the back and only the front is open. You can’t look into any homes over the fences.

– Real Estate Expert

The expert then expanded upon the privacy offered when entering and exiting a home such as Daniel’s.

The parking area has an automatic door, and after you enter, there’s another door that closes, so you can go into your home immediately. Because it’s good for privacy, it’s a good place to date as well.

– Real Estate Expert