Experts List Top 6 Groups Who Can Kill Live Performances Without Autotune

While many idol groups are fantastic singers, there are some in particular who excel at live performances.

During live performances, idols have to worry not only about their choreography but the quality of their voices as well.  While exerting huge amounts of energy dancing, idols still have to focus on staying on key and producing stable notes, which is incredibly difficult to do while on stage in front of a large audience.

Often times fans turn to “MR Removed” videos, which remove or de-emphasize background music from live performances, to show how stable singers’ vocals are. And while many groups have proven that they can perform admirably through these “MR Removed” videos, six groups have stood out for their perfect live vocals.

In fact, the performances below prove that the singers perform so well live that they might sound even better singing while dancing than when they recorded their songs at their studio! Check out some amazing “MR Removed” performances below:

B.A.P – “1004 (Angel)”

B.A.P produces very strong vocals in the chorus despite intense dancing.

BEAST – “Fiction”

 BEAST’s harmonization skills are off the charts

SHINee – “Sherlock” + “Everybody”

Not many groups can jump around and have such stable vocals

BtoB – “It’s Okay”

 BTOB can even hit high notes while dancing on stage.
TVXQ – “Catch Me”

Both members of TVXQ have very strong and stable live vocals

JYJ – “In Heaven”

JYJ is legendary for their live vocals