“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun Bin’s Reaction To A Fan’s “Rude” Method Of Getting Her Attention Showcases Her True Personality

Many deemed the fan’s actions as “rude.”

Over the past year, one actress who has gained attention for her amazing acting and heartwarming personality in recent K-Dramas is none other than Park Eun Bin.

The veteran actress has been in the business since a young age and started making her mark in 2016, after her role in Hello, My Twenties.

Actress Park Eun Bin | @eunbining0904/Instagram

At the end of 2021, she caught the attention of fans when she played the lead role in King’s Affection, starring SF9‘s Rowoon and Nam Yoon Su.

Park Eun Bin in “King’s Affection” | The Swoon/YouTube   

Yet, it’s her recent role as Woo Young Woo in one of the world’s hottest K-Dramas, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Playing Woo Young Woo, Korea’s first autistic attorney, Park Eun Bin has showcased her immense talent and consideration when portraying the character.

Park Eun Bin in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” | The Swoon/YouTube
| The Swoon/YouTube 

Even during an interview, she showcased her true personality when it came to revealing her thoughts after receiving the role of Woo Young Woo.

When I got this role, I felt a sense of responsibility. Without hurting anyone’s feelings, will I be able to embrace everything and act naturally in this role? That was my biggest concern.

— Park Eun Bin

| The Swoon/YouTube 

Yet, she has once again showcased her true personality when approached by a fan. As expected, with the actress’s rising fame, she is always surrounded by fans during promotions who all want a glimpse of Park Eun Bin.

In a video shared on a Korean forum, a netizen shared that Park Eun Bin was leaving a schedule. As expected, fans were flocking to see the actress, and was cutely greeting fans.

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Even as she walked to the car, she continued to greet fans. However, in another video, fans noticed that one of those waiting around Park Eun Bin’s car decided to put their hands on her shoulder and started tapping the actress.

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As expected, the bodyguard quickly intercepted, and many stars would’ve been angry or tried to quickly get out of the situation.

Yet, Park Eun Bin showcased her true personality as, after seeing the fan, rather than walk off, she made sure to acknowledge them and even waved to the fan.

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Many netizens shared their anger at the video, adding that the fan could’ve easily shouted to gain the actress’s attention but praised Park Eun Bin’s reaction to the incident.

You can read more about Park Eun Bin showcasing her true personality below.

Park Eun Bin’s Approach To Her Character In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Reveals Her True Personality

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