Five Cast Members And Two Crew Members From “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” Test Positive For COVID-19

We hope they get better soon!

MBC’s idol survival audition program, Extreme Debut: Wild Idol, is caught in a state of emergency after a total of seven positive COVID-19 cases were confirmed. The show officials stated, “Participants for the show received a positive COVID-19 test on November 21. He was asymptomatic during the studio recording on November 18 and received a positive PCR test after symptoms developed after the recording.”

Below is the full statement.

Hello, this is the Extreme Debut: Wild Idol team. First off, we apologize for troubling you with bad news. The participant for the show tested positive for COVID-19 on November 21. Although he was symptomatic during the studio recording, he received a positive PCR test due to symptoms after the recording.

As a result, all participants, including the staff, took a PCR test, and a total of five cast members and two crew members tested positive. So far, we have regularly conducted PCR tests and temperature checks before recording. But regardless, confirmed cases still occurred and we apologize once again. We will pay more attention to the health of the cast and and abide by the COVID-19 guidelines and quarantine authorities.  

Source: spotvnews