“Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” Announces Broadcast Dates, INFINITE Sunggyu Expresses His Thoughts As Observer And Trainer

They have confirmed the date for the first episode.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu, who has joined MBC’s new survival audition program, Extreme Debut: Wild Idol, expressed his feelings towards being a part of the show. He stated, “It’s an honor to be a part of the show. I am supporting the contestants while filming.” He added, “I ask for many people’s interest and support. I hope that everyone is healthy.”

This new program shows 45 contestants competing against each other as they are evaluated for their physical strength, skills, and hidden potential in the wild. Kim Sunggyu will take the role of both observer and vocal trainer and support the program.

The program will show the potential of “all-rounder” Kim Sunggyu and will air its first episode on September 17 at 8:10 PM KST. After meeting viewers for the first time through a Chuseok special, they will continue the show every Thursday at 9 PM KST starting on September 23.

Source: tvdaily