Extreme Korean Moms Are “Moulding” Their Baby’s Skulls To Make Them More Beautiful

Koreans are well known for their detailed and exquisite beauty routines…

But the culture’s focus on beauty has led to an extreme trend.

Mothers worried about the shape of their children’s heads are employing helmets meant for medical use that range from 2,800,000 Won to 3,500,000 Won.

The helmets are being used to ensure that the child will grow up to have a round and attractive head shape.

The process requires the child to wear the helmet for 23 hours a day for 5 to 6 months.

Surprisingly, many Koreans are sympathetic to mothers’ decision due to the social and cultural contexts of Korean beauty standards.

“I wish they had that when I was a newborn.”

— Anonymous netizen

The constant wearing of the helmet, however, doesn’t come without risk and may sometimes result in irritated skin and other skin-related issues.

According to SBS’s report, studies show that children with seemingly misshapen heads grow to have what is considered normal shaped heads without the helmets.