F4’s Song Woo Bin From “Boys Over Flowers” Surprises Everyone With Announcement Of Marriage And Child

He surprised everyone with his announcement.

F4’s Song Woo Bin, played by Kim Joon, surprised all of the viewers of Boys Over Flowers when he revealed he had secretly married back in 2015.

Kim Bum on the right, Kim Joon on the left. (Episode 1, Boys Over Flowers).


Kim Joon announced through Ilgan Sports that he had gotten married in 2015 to an office employee the same age as him, and since then welcomed his first child to the world.

“I got married 3 years ago. Only the people around me knew about it since there were no articles about my wedding. I first met my wife 9 years ago, before I made my debut. Now, I am also a father to a child.” — Kim Joon


Kim Joon made his debut in KBS2‘s hit drama Boys Over Flowers in 2009 as part of the famous “F4”. He was also a part of the musical group T-Max, which sang the drama’s iconic theme song, “Paradise”.


Since then, he has acted in KBS drama Detectives in Trouble and SBS drama Endless Love. More recently, he has expanded his works to theater and plays.

“I made my theater debut as I happened to come across a genre I always wanted to try out by chance. I will continue to meet everyone with various types of work in the future.” — Kim Joon

Source: Ilgan Sports