Fact Check: Did BTS’s V Mouth The N-Word In His Recent Live?

No clear consensus has been reached among netizens and fans regarding the incident.

BTS V‘s recent Weverse live broadcast has caused controversy to rise from fans and netizens alike. The BTS star has come under scrutiny, with fans debating whether he mouthed a controversial word while lip-syncing to a rap song.


During the session, V shared some of the activities he had completed today. Later he started enjoying a mix of songs while chatting with fans, including “Beat The P***y Up” by Young Jeezy, YG, T.I., and ASAP Rocky‘s “RIOT.”

It’s a specific segment of “RIOT” that has stirred the pot, leading to a flurry of discussions online. The focal point of the debate centers around whether or not V mouthed the N-word as part of the song’s lyrics.

We grow, we learn. Py n***a tired. How ’bout you try it?

— ASAP Rocky in “RIOT”

While it’s apparent that V was vibing with the majority of the song’s lyrics, the debate arises around whether he lip-synced the N-word during the aforementioned lines.

| Weverse

Fans quickly took to Twitter to voice their perspectives. Some say that, in their opinion, V did mouth the word since his mouth was moving.

Others — convinced the BTS star did not mouth the word — claim V skipped the word while singing and was just nodding his head.

Some dedicated fans even took the initiative to slow down the video footage in an effort to gain more clarity.

The sensitivity of the matter underscores the significance of cultural understanding, particularly when engaging with content from diverse backgrounds. While the topic is indeed sensitive, it’s important to note that no clear consensus has been reached among netizens and fans regarding the incident.


As BTS and V continue to influence and inspire people around the globe, fans hope that such discussions will lead to a broader understanding and appreciation for cultural nuances and respect.