Fact Check: Are ENHYPEN’s Jake And Sunghoon Starring In A BL K-Drama?

Fans were hopeful.

Many K-Pop idols have starred in BL (Boy Love) K-Dramas. But are ENHYPEN‘s Jake and Sunghoon some of them?

Sunghoon (left) and Jake (right)

A post on TikTok went viral with the first slide reading, “NEW UPCOMING BOYLOVE SERIES 2024?” The second photo was the poster for an alleged K-Drama titled Runaway Pair, starring ENHYPEN’s Jake and Sunghoon.


It went viral on TikTok with 104.6K views at the time of writing. Fans were shocked, asking if it was real and if the actors were really Jake and Sunghoon.

| @ch4i1i/TikTok

Neither Jake nor Sunghoon has a K-Drama recently listed on websites, such as MyDramaList. At this time, music, variety, and reality shows are listed for the two ENHYPEN members.

Sunghoon | MyDramaList
Jake | MyDramaList

Not only that, but the account that posted the now-viral TikTok is also responsible for a popular rumor that ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo and Hwang In Yeop were starring in a BL K-Drama together. Read more below.

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Source: ch4i1i and MyDramaList