Fact Check: Did NCT’s Haechan Make “Fatphobic” Comments About His Members’ Bodies?

Was it a mistranslation, the result of cultural differences, or Fatphobia?

Recently, NCT‘s Haechan came under fire from fans after allegedly commenting negatively about his fellow members’ weight.

NCT’s Haechan | @haechanahceah/Instagram

A clip from an NCT DREAM live broadcast has gained attention after netizens believed Haechan made comments about Jen and Jaemin’s weight and shape.

When the video was posted online, thousands of netizens shared their anger towards the idol and his comments. In particular, after previous instances of Haechan being accused of making “fatphobic” comments toward his members, fans wanted to make sure he was educated on the hurt his words could cause.

Haechan’s true intentions might have, however, been lost in translation. While speaking about Jaemin, Haechan seemingly mentioned his member’s body. His words can be translated as “get in shape,” but what he said, and the way he said it, is actually more along the lines of, “You need to take care of your body.” He said this twice before adding, “Jaemin, take care of your body.”

The video’s unclear audio also makes it difficult to hear and interpret the members’ words. There were often times when members were speaking at the same time.

Although international netizens have criticized Haechan’s words, the phrase “You need to get in shape” or “Take care of your body” is commonly used in Korea without malice and can mean someone is worried about you for health reasons.

The video gained a lot of attention as many brought up previous times Haechan has been called out for comments about his members’ weight.