Fact Check: “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Yun Ha Jeong To Join Season 4 As Panelist

Fans are excited, but should they be?

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Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno 3 has become a favorite of fans due to its cast.

One contestant who grew on viewers is Yun Ha Jeong.

Yun Ha Jeong | Netflix

The other aspect of Season 3 that makes it stand out is that a contestant from a previous season rejoined the cast, but this time as a panelist. Single’s Inferno 2 contestant DEX (also known as Kim Jin Young) served as a panelist for Single’s Inferno 3. 

DEX | Netflix

Now, rumors have circulated that Single’s Inferno 3 contestant Yun Ha Jeong will join as a panelist for Single’s Inferno 4. Fans have spread the alleged news via social media applications, such as TikTok and Instagram. A popular Single’s Inferno fan page even reported it.


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Fans are excited about the possibility of two former contestants as panelists. Many are happy to hear the show will return for a fourth season and believe Ha Jeong will be entertaining.

Yet, Netflix has not yet confirmed either Yun Ha Jeong’s casting as a panelist or Single’s Inferno 4. The news image circulated as proof that Ha Jeong has been confirmed as a panelist for the next season is allegedly Asian American news site NextShark‘s X (formerly Twitter) account. Yet, NextShark hadn’t updated until October 2023 until recently when it announced it’s a sponsor of f(x) member Amber Liu‘s 2023 No More Sad Songs Tour in the U.S. Other than that post on January 2, 2024, NextShark has not updated X, mainly posting on Instagram.

So, while we’re already looking forward to a possible Single’s Inferno 4, and Yun Ha Jeong might be a great addition to the panelists, it has not been confirmed.

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