Fact Check: Did Less Than 25 People Show Up To INFINITE’s Recent Event?

“People think they are flopping…”

For those that were fans of K-Pop’s second generation, one of the groups that likely comes to mind is INFINITE.


The group debuted in June 2010 with “Come Back Again” and instantly attracted attention worldwide for their talents. In addition to many other accolades, the group were the first Korean act to top Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart in 2014.

INFINITE remained active as a group until 2019, when several members began their military enlistments. During this time, the members gradually departed from Woolim Entertainment as well.

In May 2023, it was announced that INFINITE would set up their own company, INFINITE Company, to handle group activities, which were announced shortly after. On July 31, INFINITE made their long-awaited comeback with “New Emotion.”

Since then, the group have been doing regular comeback activities, including being more active on their social media accounts. Recently, one of their Twitter posts has attracted much attention, leading to some confusion.

In a photo posted on August 3, the group are shown in a large auditorium with what looks to be around twenty-five fans while the rest of the seats are empty.

| @IFNT_Official/Twitter

Netizens quoted the tweet expressing confusion over the empty venue, wondering what was happening and if only that many fans did attend.

As it turns out, there is a reason behind the seemingly low attendance! While in-person fan signs usually have a limited number of attendees, around one hundred fans are typically selected.

For INFINITE’s first fansign event through the Music Korea store, it was announced that there would only be 30 winners.

Fansign announcement indicating only 30 fans would be chosen to attend.

This means the individuals in the photo are fortunate to have been selected, as the group are extremely popular! INFINITE recently sold out multiple nights of concerts at the KSPO Dome Arena and other locations where shows have been announced.

Fans hilariously took advantage of the confusion, promoting INFINITE as a newly debuted 5th-generation group while clearing things up about their popularity!