Fake Manager Claiming To Have Discovered Jun Ji Hyun And Gong Yoo Stole $510,000 From Aspiring Actors

He was finally arrested.

A conman identified as Mr. Kim used to work for an entertainment agency. Back in 2010, when he discovered that one of the trainees aspiring to be an actor came from a rich family, he decided to deceive them for money.

He was only a road manager who drove cars around for celebrities, but he claimed that he “raised actors like Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung, Hwang Jung Min, and more.


A year after continually lying about his work, he started deceiving the trainee’s family into giving him money. He told them, “A drama started filming and I can get your daughter cast. If you don’t want to lose this chance, you need to give them money as an investment. Once the drama finishes, you’ll receive your profit.

Through this method, he stole about 620 million won (~$510,000 USD) over the next 3 years. He used that money for his living expenses and to pay off his debt.

During those 3 years, the trainee was unable to appear on any dramas so the family decided to take Mr. Kim to court.


The court ruled that “the defendant’s crimes were wrongful and since the defendant has only repaid 70 million won (~$60,000 USD), the damage is not considered repaid.” Given that Mr. Kim had previously been convicted of fraud, but has come to a settlement with the victims, the court sentenced Mr. Kim to 4 years of probation and 2 years in jail.

The trainee and their family have been revealed to have undergone significant psychological trauma due to the scam.

The trainee’s parents were scammed into believing that they will eventually get their money back. The trainee has received a significant amount of psychological trauma.

— Trainee’s Lawyer

Source: MBN TV