Fallen idol faces lawsuit after being accused of fraud

A fallen idol is currently facing a lawsuit after a friend accused him of fraud after he did not repay the debt he owed.

According to Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo District Police Department on March 10th, friend “B” (25) filed a complaint against former celebrity “A” (26), reporting to police that “B” had lent “A” money three times last year totaling up to 500,000 won (approximately $448 USD) but hasn’t paid back since.

According to the complaint submitted by “B”: “Between April and June of last year, ‘A’ said that ‘I need to quickly repay back the friend that I borrow from’ but after borrowing it (from ‘B’),  ‘A’ ignored pleads and commands to pay ‘B’ back. I asked for ‘A’ to at least show their compliance to pay back but ‘A’ kept avoiding it by saying ‘I don’t have money right now.’ But through SNS ‘A’ uploaded such things as vacations to Japan and Phucket, and also going camping with his friends and eating pricey food, so ‘A’ evidently is living a life far from someone who ‘doesn’t have money’. ‘A’ exaggerated his image by saying he was recommended to join an agency by some famous actors, but didn’t even repay the money he borrowed.”

Former idol “A” has responded to this accusation and told Yonhap News that the situation was just a misunderstanding after he had unintentionally changed his cell phone number, therefore was not able to contact “B,” additionally revealing that he had also been gone overseas due to business.

Currently, “A” is studying music on his own without an agency. He further comments, “I have contacted ‘B’ told him I will repay him this month, and have received his account number.”

“A” was revealed to have originally made his debut as part of a four-member male idol group back in 2007, however, the group disbanded after not gaining enough attention from the mass the following year.

Source: Yonhap News