Famous Actor’s Friend Charged With Attempted Rape Of Actor’s Wife

A famous actor known to the public only as “Mr. A” has remained silent following reports that his wife was sexually assaulted by his friend, identified only as “Mr. C”, while in the Philippines.

“Mrs. B”, the wife of Mr. A, was living in the Philippines with their young daughter when she was victimized.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation of all for many has been the fact that Mr. A and Mr. C had been best friends for 20 years.

It has been reported that Mr. C was sentenced by the Yeoju Branch Suwon District Court crown prosecutors to one year and six months in prison for attempted rape.

“Determined to be evidence, the victim’s testimony is consistent and credible.” 

— Crown Prosecutor Choi Ho-Shik 

As soon as Mr. C was sentenced, he was placed under court custody and also received an order to take a 40-hour sexual violence correctional program.

As yet, no details on the identities of the affected parties have been revealed and the case is likely to remain anonymous in an effort from Mr. A to avoid any further mental anguish for the aggrieved party.

After some consultation with his lawyer, Mr. A issued a statement warning of strong legal action against anyone, especially news agencies, caught speculating about the identities of those involved.

Source: YTN and Sports Chosen