Famous Celebrity Accused Of Habitual Illegal Drug Injections

She has denied the accusations.

SBS has revealed a new exclusive report detailing how a famous celebrity, only identified as “A” habitually injected propofol, a drug that is used as a sedative in medical procedures.

The informant, Ms. Kim, has worked at a plastic surgery clinic in Southern Seoul for 2 years, where she has seen people come in for these illegal propofol injections, and the hospital uses operation room 3 as their dispensary.

About 5-6 people a day come in for them. One is a celebrity who is currently active right now, others are grandchildren of executives in conglomerates, and some are just normal citizens. We inject just enough into their blood vessels so they can stay awake. Propofol.

We wouldn’t inject enough to make them fall asleep, but we continuously gave it to them. I remember that the amount “A” received was a lot.

— Ms. Kim

SBS went to the plastic surgery clinic in question and discovered a picture of the same famous celebrity “A” in the clinic, that Ms. Kim had mentioned. SBS also checked out operating room 3, whose details matched what the informant stated. The clinic also advises prospective patients that propofol is available for their use.

I tell patients who get things like Botox that propofol can help you sleep through the procedure. “A” is a regular customer and she even came in today. We will modify our propofol injection criteria to the best of our ability.

— Plastic surgery clinic advisor

SBS was able to get in contact with celebrity “A” to question her directly about illegally injecting propofol, but she denied any illegal use.

It’s true that the clinic in question gave me a shot to help me fall asleep, but I did not ask them to inject more, or to use propofol.

— Celebrity “A”

If “A” legally was administered propofol, there should be a record showing when and why she was given it, but according to Ms. Kim, there was no record at all.

There is no evidence of propofol being in the medical records. If you want to inject propofol illegally like this, the medical records need to be illegally manipulated.

Injections of propofol need to be reported, so what they do is they report that more propofol is needed on other patients, and use that over-reported number on the illegal injections.

— Ms. Kim

The plastic surgery clinic in question has not responded after 2 weeks of attempting to get a hold of them for an explanation. However, a doctor who used to work at the clinic did state that illegal injections did occur.

I’ve done wrong. As a doctor, I shouldn’t have administered illegal propofol injections.

The director of the clinic was so eager to administer the illegal injections that when a patient did not have enough money to pay for it, he accepted a watch as collateral instead. One patient’s medical fees was almost ₩20 million.

As for celebrity “A”, I do not know if she illegally injected propofol because the director was in charge of them.

— Doctor “B”


Source: SBS