Famous Female Artist Who Hasn’t Been Active In A While Is Reportedly Selling Herself For A Discounted Price

She’s seeking out sponsors for money.

Journalists Kim Ji Hyun during Rumor Has It that she once interviewed a manager of a top female actress about sponsors and heard a shocking story about a famous female artist.

The manager revealed that there are sponsor brokers in the industry who first reach out to the managers with a suspicious commercial offer. The manager received a phone call from a number he didn’t recognize. The person offered a promotional deal for his celebrity but wouldn’t reveal exactly what the promotion was for.

He got a phone call from a number he didn’t know. He was a part of an agency that managed an actress, and the person offered him a commercial deal.

He asked what kind of product she’ll be promoting and they couldn’t respond with a specific answer.

— Kim Ji Hyun

The broker then claimed the CEO of the brand and the celebrity will have a private meeting to discuss the deal, and the celebrity will be compensated for her time. But they only wanted the celebrity to meet him alone.

So the manager declined the offer. He later dug into details about the caller and discovered that the broker specialized in connecting sponsors to celebrities for prostitution.

Journalist Choi Jung Ah then added in that there are sponsor stories where the celebrities actually reach out to rich sponsors. She recalled the story of how a broker once introduced a rich man to a female artist but the man declined to meet her further.

There are stories that tell an opposite story. We often talk about brokers who look for celebrities, but there are times when the transaction is done the other way around.

A broker once introduced a female artist to a rich man. But the man declined to meet her any further claiming, “She’s not my type. She’s too strong.”

— Choi Jung Ah

Journalist Choi revealed that the artist was once a very famous artist who has been on a hiatus for a long time. She recently started running short on money and allegedly sought out the sponsor and offered herself for a large discount.

The female artist was very famous. But she didn’t go on broadcast for a while and didn’t have any other appearances, so she ran out of money.

The man was the dentist of a very large dentistry. She knew that so she personally went to the dentist to get treatment and asked why he won’t meet her.

She went to make a deal with the dentist. Say if the broker named the price at 30 million won (~$25,000 USD), she offered to meet him for 20 million(~$17,000 USD).

— Choi Jung Ah

The dentist declined her until the end but got an ego boost from the interaction and started spreading the story around.

Watch the full video of the reporters’ discussion below:

Source: MoneyS