Famous Hollywood Director Hints At A Possible Collaboration With BTS

He’s best known for directing “The Great Gatsby”, “Moulin Rouge!”, “Romeo+Juliet” and more!

Famous Hollywood Director, Baz Luhrmann, praised BTS and the bond that they share with their fans from all over the world. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Luhrmann talked about how K-Pop has found a way to “take away the border.

“It’s remarkable the way K-Pop has found a way — when you see BTS play Citi Field, that’s a stadium. And not everyone is a Korean expert, only about a quarter of the audience, so that means that K-Pop is able to speak to an audience with various backgrounds. So I really admire what they achieve.”

— Baz Luhrmann


When he was asked about possibly working with the group, he playfully “hinted” at the potential collaboration.

Baz Luhrmann second from the left, with his cast from “The Great Gatsby”.

“He wouldn’t exactly say, but his knowing smile, wide eyes and playful shrug hinted otherwise. ‘Yeah, well you know, that’s…‘ was all he would offer.”

— The Hollywood Reporter


Back in October, Baz Luhrmann congratulated BTS on their concert at Citi Field and TIME Magazine cover. At the time, he mentioned about “catching up in Seoul“.

His latest quote from The Hollywood Reporter is the first update since then.


Baz Luhrmann is best known for directing legendary movies, such as The Great Gatsby Romeo, + Juliet Moulin Rouge! and more.


Perhaps a movie featuring the BTS members or a cinematic music video? Nothing is for certain, except that a collaboration between these legendary artists would be a sight to behold!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter