This Famous Idol’s Father Operates 43 Dental Offices Nationwide and Is Loaded

The members of her group have benefited from her family as well!

This week, the hosts of Rumor Has It introduced an idol born with a silver spoon in her mouth, whose father was the owner of a huge dental office chain in Korea. This idol is GFRIEND‘s Umji.


Umji’s father is apparently the director and owner of a famous chain of dental offices in Korea. If you go onto the official website of the dental office, you will find photos and autographs of the GFRIEND members and it appears that this was so because it was the business of Umji’s father!


In fact, Umji’s father runs 9 dental offices in Seoul, 12 in Gyeonggi-do, 9 in Incheon, 1 in Chungcheong-do, 7 in Jeolla-do and 7 in Gyeongsang-do for a total of 43 dental offices nationwide!


Thanks to her father’s evident business skills, all of Umji’s siblings including herself studied the arts with her brother majoring in Oriental Painting, her sister majoring in Korean Dance and she herself graduating from an art high school.


Moreover, the other GFRIEND members have apparently benefited from Umji during their trainee and rookie days as well. During those difficult times, they were forced to spend as little money as possible and were often left to a limited amount for food.


At these times, Umji always used her parent’s card, which they later called “the Umji card”, to eat food that they wanted to eat. Her generous parents had apparently given Umji permission to use it, claiming that you must at least be able to eat what you want to eat.


Umji just goes to prove that hard work and diligence is unrelated to one’s family background!

Source: Naver TV