Famous Lyricist Who Worked With Oh My Girl Was Shocked When She Had To Write The Lyrics For “Remember Me”—Here’s Why

She was flustered when she was asked to write the lyrics for the song!

Seo Ji Eum is a famous lyricist, who’s written for tons of groups, such as Lovelyz, f(x), and Oh My Girl!

Seo Ji Eum | @jieum__s/Instagram

Oh My Girl‘s Binnie and Hyojung are currently hosting a show of their own, called Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet Home, and recently invited Seo Ji Eum as a guest!

Seo Ji Eum and Oh My Girl share a close friendship after working together for many years, and the three began discussing Oh My Girl’s 2018 comeback song “Remember Me”, which was written by her!

Oh My Girl | WM Entertainment

Binnie first brought up how everybody always talks about “Remember Me” as a surprising song, because while it has an energetic beat, the lyrics are extremely sentimental!

We hear this about “Remember Me” a lot. It’s very energetic and there are strong drum beats. But the lyrics make it seem sentimental!


Seo Ji Eum shared that when she got the demo back then, she was as shocked as the rest of their fans, because while Oh My Girl is known for their mystical, fantasy concepts, the demo sounded nothing like anything that would fit the group’s image!

I was a bit flustered after listening to the demo. For “Remember Me”, they gave it to me saying ‘It’s for Oh My Girl’

—Seo Ji Eum

And as soon as she said that, both Hyojung and Binnie immediately knew what she was talking about, and started hilariously mimicking the EDM beats!

But while they may have had their doubts about the song, the song eventually did very well, and is an Oh My Girl classic!

You can watch them talk about it here!