“Famous Male Idol Group” Leader Caught Drunk Driving By The Police

A name was brought up.

A YouTuber, named Caracula, recently uploaded an incriminating photograph and accusation on his YouTube community. He claimed that he witnessed a famous male idol group leader being apprehended by the police on March 6.

On March 6, a Sunday night, a famous male idol group leader was driving completely drunk at Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu in Seoul and was apprehended by the police.

— Caracula

Along with the post was a photograph of the scene with the idol’s face blurred out.

| Caracula via SPOT TV

Later on, Caracula updated his live stream to share the identity of the idol. He claimed it to be ZE:A‘s Moon Jun Young. Caracula claimed that the road was a one way street and Moon Jun Young had been driving down it in the opposite direction. The car coming up had pressed on the horn to get him to move but Moon Jun Young allegedly got out of the car to argue with him. Caracula claims that his face was flushed and he smelt heavily of alcohol. The other driver called the police to report the drunk driving immediately.

An unblurred photo was also shared by Caracula. Caracula claims Moon Jun Young was also smoking while the police apprehended him.

| Caracula

Moon Jun Young debuted as the leader of ZE:A in 2010. He also made his acting debut later on and appeared in various dramas, such as Poseidon, Please Marry Me, Gloria, Vampire IdolThe Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War, and more.

Moon Jun Young has previously been booked by the police in 2018 for drunk driving. He has not commented on the matter yet.

| Vogue Korea

Source: Caracula and SPOT TV