Famous Movie Star Reportedly Obtained Propofol Illegally By Using His Younger Brother’s Name

He’s been using for over 10 years.

Channel A released an exclusive report about a famous actor who illegally obtained a substantial amount of propofol under the guise of his younger brother’s name.

Propofol is an addictive drug that is commonly used in hospitals as a method to put patients to sleep during general anesthesia for surgery or other medical procedures. It is also used to sedate patients in critical care.

The case first began when a plastic surgery clinic in Gangnam came under suspicion of supplying propofol to clients illegally. During their investigations, they discovered that two habitual users of the drugs were treated by the clinic under false identification.

The two were revealed to be a famous actor and the CEO of an entertainment agency. Further investigations found that the actor was using his younger brother’s name, who was also an actor in the past. The actor obtained illegal propofol through this manner for over 10 years.

The actor claimed it was for his medical treatment, but the amount and time frame of his alleged crimes suggest otherwise.

The fact that he used false identification clearly suggests that he had other motives besides medicinal use of the drug. It’s a violation of medicinal law and an ethical wrong.

— Lawyer Chae Da Eun

The actor’s name has not been identified, and the police are currently investigating further into the case. They are also investigating the hospital for possible other cases of similar illegal drug use.

Source: Channel A