Famous “Moving” Actor Causes Concerns While Filming Because Of His Handsome Visuals

His handsomeness was in the way.

The director of the Disney+ original series Moving has revealed the challenges he faced while filming an actor’s scene.

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Moving is a K-Drama based on a webtoon by Kang Full that portrays the stories of three high school teenagers and their parents hiding their superpowers from the world.

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On September 12, director Park In Je shared behind-the-scenes moments in an interview. He shared the difficulties of trying to make a superhero production with characters flying and that he used Marvel and X-Men as examples.

That was a difficult mission. Audiences are already familiar with Marvel and X-Men, and we don’t have the resources to follow them.  They are groups that spend ₩100 billion KRW (about $75.5 million USD) per episode, so we looked for ways to do it smartly and creatively… I still think I’m a director with lots to learn. While preparing, I thought, ‘Why did Marvel do it like this? Why did they do those movements like that? Why did they land like that?’ There was a reason for all of it.

— Director Park In Je

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Director Park In Je also shared he had trial-and-error moments while filming that may have looked amateurish to viewers. He discussed when he faced an obstacle while filming actor Jo In Sung‘s first scene in the orchard.

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Jo In Sung’s character was supposed to look dirty and poor, but he was too handsome, so he had to be “roughened up” a bit.

The first scene Jo In Sung filmed was in the orchard. As you may know, he was supposed to be a fugitive living a poor life to avoid Deputy Minister Min. However, Jo In Sung was so handsome that it was a problem. We deliberately made his clothes and hair look dirty… We were filming the first scene but he was so handsome that we tried to make him look messed up.

— Director Park In Je

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He continued that if someone like Jo In Sung lived in the countryside, even the grandmas in the neighborhood would recognize him.

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Director Park In Je also shared that filming Jo In Sung’s first flying scene was hilarious to everybody. Even Jo In Sung jokingly asked, “Is this the end of my acting career?” At that time, the CG (computer graphics) wasn’t prepared yet, so the set appeared feeble, and they couldn’t take the scene seriously. However, Park In Je shared that after they had the CG added, they could work on it seriously.

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Disney+ plans to host a meaningful event in a movie theater in Seoul on September 20 to commemorate the final episode’s release. Many actors, including Han Hyo Joo, Lee Jung Ha, and others, are coordinating their schedules to attend, and viewers who want to watch the final episode with the actors are expected to be recruited from Disney+ subscribers.

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