PD Of A Famous Variety Show Jailed For Raping A Female Employee

He took advantage of her while she was unconscious.

A famous production director (PD) who remains unidentified has been jailed after being found guilty of raping a subordinate female employee. The PD had worked on a famous variety show that aired on national TV. When his program ended last year, he had transferred to another broadcasting company.

The PD was accused of raping the woman years ago when he took advantage of the female employee when she was unable to resist mentally or physically.

The Seoul Central District Court has sentenced him to 3 years imprisonment for his quasi-rape charges. He’s also ordered to complete 40 hours of anti-sexual violence programs and is restricted from finding employment for the next 3 years.

There is no context that proves that the victim’s statements contained any falsehood or lies. The defendant had also acknowledged his crimes during a call with the victim after the incident took place.

It was a crime that took place between a superior and his employee, and the defendant does not show signs of regret. We also took into account hat he does not have any past criminal records.

— The Judiciary

Source: Sports World