A Fan Accidentally Fired Former MOMOLAND Member Nancy

Nancy responded herself!

A fan accidentally fired former MOMOLAND member Nancy?!


In 2021, MOMOLAND’s official Instagram account posted a happy birthday poster for Nancy. It included birthday symbols such as cake and confetti and multiple pictures of Nancy.

Some fans did not like the birthday poster made for Nancy. They thought it looked poorly edited and tacky as if it had been quickly made in PicsArt. So, one fan commented, suggesting the designer needed to be fired.

Well, the designer in question responded. Nancy replied from her personal account, confessing she made her own birthday poster. So, the fan had to defend their comment!

A post on X (formerly Twitter) went viral this week. A K-Pop fan asked netizens if an idol ever interacted with them, garnering 1.8M views at the time of writing.

So, @kwangrinas on X had to confess that Nancy had interacted with them! Their post went viral with 1.6M views at the time of writing.

At least an idol noticed them?

Source: kwangrinas