A Fan Shares A Cute Response From SHINee’s Jonghyun Back In 2015 When He Accidently Followed Them On Twitter

They remembered the singer fondly as they shared his reaction back then!

SHINee‘s Jonghyun was well-known to interact with his fans on Twitter, writing down his thoughts to share with them almost daily on the social media platform!

Recently, a fan shared one of their interactions with him on Twitter! Writing how this exchange was one of the reasosn they kept coming back to Twitter, they posted a screenshot of the messages they exchanged with Jonghyun in 2015, when he accidently followed their account!

I come here every time I think about it…the reason why I can’t delete Twitter even though I hate it…how are you Jonghyun?

The messages in question detail how they inform Jonghyun about his accidental follow request, and his adorable response to it!

Fan: ‘Woah Jonghyun I think you accidentally followed me! Sorry I will unblock you!! But still thank you! Jonghyun I hope you are always happy! I will always support you! Bye!

Jonghyun: Aigoo looks like I made a mistake again. Sorry, be happy! Thank you, it’s late, good night.


This cute response shows how much he treasured his fans, and also spotlights his kind nature! Mutliple of his friends and fellow artists have also spoken of how amazingly kind Jonghyun was, and he continues to be loved by many around the world!