A Fan’s Interaction With BLACKPINK’s Jennie In Which The Idol Can Be Seen Tearing Up Goes Viral

Both the fan and Jennie were emotional.

A fan’s interaction with BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is quickly gaining traction among K-Pop fans.

Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On September 26, a post was uploaded to Korea’s largest online community. In the post titled, “Jennie Almost Cried During Today’s Fan Signing,” a clip of Jennie was shown.

In the clip, Jennie can be seen thanking a fan before looking like she was about to cry. Jennie can also be seen asking a fan not to make her cry.

Don’t make me cry.

— Jennie

The clip was uploaded alongside a tweet from the alleged fan, in which they explained the situation.

In the end, I told Jennie that no matter what she does, we’ll always be cheering her on and that she should just look on ahead and be herself. Then Jennie told me not to make her cry, and then my emotions caught up with me, so I couldn’t say anything besides ‘hwaiting,‘ and then it ended… Jennie, always be happy!

— Netizen

It seems the fan’s words meant a lot to Jennie. Netizens reacted to the clip, with many feeling sympathetic towards the idol.

  • “Just leave Jennie alone ㅠㅠ.”
  • “Don’t cry, cutie.”
  • “Sigh…ㅠ I hope Jennie can block out the haters.”
  • “Ah, my heart hurts.”
  • “Of course, she’s going through a hard time. The hacker leaked her private life and threatened her, but the journalists and people aren’t focusing on that and instead only focus on her dating allegations. It’s almost as if everyone is on the hacker’s side. Who has the mental fortitude to not be affected by that?”

Jennie has recently become an alleged victim of hacking, resulting in the alleged leak of her private photos. There has been no official word from YG Entertainment regarding the incident.

Source: Nate Pann