Fan Sees EXO At The Airport And Starts Chasing Them Until She Loses Her Shoe

This week, Incheon airport was packed with fans waiting to see their idol stars departing to attend MAMA 2017.

EXO, of course, was one of the K-Pop groups that appeared at the airport.

Despite the cold weather, many fans visited the airport and waited to see EXO.

As the members walked into the airport, however, the excited fans grew unruly.

They swarmed so closely that the members were hardly able to take their steps.

One excited fan even lost her shoe as she chased after the EXO members.

The shoe was left on the platform for a while as EXO fans continued to surround the members.

There were no reported injuries and only time will tell if this will be a Cinderella story for the fan who lost her shoe.

Source: Dispatch