Fans accuse GOT7 Mark’s friends of being rude and distracting at concert in LA

GOT7 recently completed their very first U.S. tour Fly, wrapping up the second leg of their world tour in Los Angeles on July 10th and 11th.

During July 10th event, GOT7 member Mark‘s family and friends were spotted by fans attending the concert, wearing t-shirts with the idol’s face created by his father in order to show their support for him. The t-shirts were made in pink to match Mark’s new colored hair.

Unfortunately, many fans who attended the 2nd tour stop had some things to say in regards to his friends’ actions. Tweets from fans revealed many believed the group of friends appeared to be under the influence of alcohol with one fan commenting, “One of Mark’s friends is so drunk they’re literally carrying him out, what a mess.”

Image: GOT7 Mark's friend and family wearing t-shirts made by his father
Image: GOT7 Mark’s friend and family wearing t-shirts made by his father

When another fan tweeted, “Mark’s friends threw water on us -_-“, another replied with, “a**** threw a f***ing lightstick down the pit. Idk (I don’t know) if anyone got hurt.”

Near the end of the concert, Mark was spotted apologizing to fans for his wild friends in the audience.

Fans have voiced out their concerns for Mark, hoping that the negative attention his friends are receiving from their actions during the concert does not influence the idol’s clean image.