Fans Are Alarmed After “Jung Eunji Incident” Trends On Twitter

Here’s what happened.

Jung Eunji Incident” is trending on Twitter.

On March 23, netizens were alarmed to see that “Jung Eunji Incident” was trending on Twitter.

Fans were relieved, however, to learn that “Jung Eunji Incident” did not refer to anything controversial. Instead, the keywords came from fans who were raving about Jung Eunji’s cover of Younha‘s “Event Horizon.”

Jung Eunji’s “Event Horizon” doesn’t make any sense (it’s so good), and I heard she was sick when she recorded it… I’m going to have to keep this and watch it over and over again.

— @funfunfangfang/Twitter

Jung Eunji released a cover of the song to keep her promise with fans. In a short message, she spoke about the cover and even teased that Apink would be making a comeback soon.

| theqoo
  • “Is it alright?”
  • “I tried my best to keep my promise… I was sick that day too.”
  • “Apink will make a comeback soon, everyone.”
  • “Please show that love as well…”
  • “I’m going to have pleasantly say goodbye now.”
  • “Have a pleasant night, everyone. Bye~”

In Korean, the same word can mean incident or event, which seems to have caused confusion.

Whenever singers cover “Event Horizon,” “ㅇㅇㅇ Incident” trends, so it alarms me… Seo Eunkwang Incident.” This happens to great vocalists who are living well.

— @Livefor3v3r/Twitter

Netizens expressed relief that the trending keywords weren’t referring to anything serious and praised Jung Eunji for her incredible singing abilities.

| theqoo
  • “I clicked thinking, ‘What happened?’ But I am relieved that it is a clip of her singing.”
  • “I knew this, but she’s really legit.”
  • “Jung Eunji is such a good singer.”
  • “It really is the ‘Jung Eunji Incident.’ Wow, she’s really the best.”
  • “But they should have found a nicer keyword. Seeing ‘Incident’ trending had me alarmed.”
  • “Wow, she’s so good. Her vocals are so stable.”
  • “‘Jung Eunji Incident’ LOL. She’s so good.”

Meanwhile, check out Jung Eunji’s version of “Event Horizon” in the link below.

Source: theqoo and wikitree