Fans Allege SM Entertainment Tried To Clean Up TVXQ Yunho’s Image In TikTok With Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Fans defended Seulgi, saying she probably couldn’t refuse to film it.

Fans expressed their disapproval over a TikTok featuring Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Irene, and TVXQ‘s Yunho.

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Recently, Red Velvet’s Seulgi made her solo debut with “28 Reasons.” To commemorate, Seulgi filmed a TikTok with fellow Red Velvet member Irene and TVXQ’s Yunho.

In the TikTok, the trio is seen dancing to Seulgi’s “28 Reasons.” Despite the artists’ intentions, however, it seems fans are not feeling the collaboration.


28 Reasons X3 = 84 Reasons❗️ 몰라도 되지만 나쁜 의도는 없다구 🔫 #슬기 #SEULGI #아이린 #IRENE #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet #유노윤호 #UKNOW #동방신기 TVXQ! #28Reasons #28Reasons_challenge

♬ 28 Reasons – SEULGI

Many fans are alleging that SM Entertainment was attempting to clean up TVXQ Yunho’s image. The idol was in the middle of a major controversy in 2021 when he was arrested for violating quarantine rules at an adult entertainment host bar during the pandemic.

A post criticizing the TikTok has been viewed 164K times, with many fans stating that they didn’t approve of the dance skit. Fans were also sure to defend Seulgi from criticism, stating that it would have been hard for her to refuse to film it.

  • I’m pretty sure SM made them film this to help Yunho’s image. I understand Irene being there, but why is Yunho involved? LOL.”
  • “What happened to Yunho?”
  • “What were they thinking when they filmed this? Why would you film with Yunho?”
  • “Don’t criticize Seulgi when Yunho is the criminal.”
  • “Yunho should’ve known that Seulgi would be criticized for filming this, but he did it anyways to help his career.”
  • “Haven’t you heard what happened with Yunho and Joy? He’s such a boomer sunbae, andI heard he lectured them for hours. It’s not like Seulgi asked Yunho to be a part of this. Do you think she can tell Yunho, ‘Because of your controversy, can you not be a part of this?’ LOL. Don’t say that Yunho helped Seulgi here because he didn’t.”
  • “Can you think before writing? Do you think Seulgi can refuse Yunho if he asks to film a challenge together? Her label sunbae and her group leader came to support her. What do you expect her to do? If you have any problems with this, blame it on them.”

Seulgi is a member of Red Velvet who made her debut with the group in 2014. The idol made her solo debut on October 4, 2022, with her album 28 Reasons.  The album consists of four songs on the album, with “28 Reasons” being the lead single.


Source: Sports Kyung Hyang and Top Star News
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