Fans Express Anger After A Fourth Generation Girl Group Is Spotted With Bruises Following Their Performances

It isn’t uncommon for female idols to have style prioritized over safety!

RBW‘s latest girl group Purple Kiss has gained attention since they debuted in 2021. The group has a unique sound and image that is different from the other girl groups that have debuted in the last few years.

Recently, fans have raised concerns for the group after seeing the members’ injuries following their tough choreography.

The members of Purple Kiss | @MnetMCountdown/Twitter

Purple Kiss recently made a comeback with their song “Sweet Juice” and impressed netizens with their amazing talent and unique concept.

The “Sweet Juice” video | Purple Kiss/YouTube

| Purple Kiss/YouTube   

Even before the album and songs were released, the members shared how intense the choreography was, especially for their “Intro: Save Me” track.

Yet, it seems like the initial comments about the use of the members’ knees have gained much more attention after the group’s recent performance.

On February 19, Purple Kiss performed their songs “Intro: Save Me” and “Sweet Juice” on Inkigayo. As expected, the choreography was tough, but the members showed their immense skills.

Purple Kiss dancing to “Intro: Save Me” | 스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO/YouTube

| 스브스케이팝 X INKIGAYO/YouTube   

After the performance, the members shared photos of themselves, and the youngest member Swan was no exception. The idol looked beautiful in her outfit and showcased her beauty.

Purple Kiss’s Swan | @RBW_PURPLEKISS/Twitter


Yet, it was two of the later photos that really shocked fans. On the steps, the youngest member Swan showcased her full outfit. Netizens couldn’t help but notice the huge bruises on the idol’s knees.



When the images were posted, netizens in the quotes couldn’t hide their anger that the members were being given choreography that would impact their knees.

In particular, they hated that the members weren’t given the appropriate protection with knee pads.

Even after SBS posted pictures of the group from Inkigayo, netizens pointed out that even the editing couldn’t hide that there the bruises were clear on more than half of the members.

Yet, it’s not the first time netizens have raised concerns about fourth-generation girl groups and their outfits. In 2022, NMIXX released their song “DICE,” and the song gained attention for its intense choreography.

In their performance on M Countdown, the members of NMIXX wore huge platform boots with extremely thick soles. Lily seemed to have even more difficult shoes to dance in with less support and a separate heel that seemed to be asking for a twisted ankle.

While fourth-generation idols are known to shock netizens with their choreography, it shouldn’t come at the expense of the idols’ health. Knee pads might not look aesthetically appropriate with Purple Kiss’s concept, but they should be used to protect the members.

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