Fans Angered By WayV’s Trainer For Making “Racist” Coronavirus Post About The Group

He had to deactivate his Instagram.

Coronavirus, specifically COVID-19, has become an issue all around the world, taking the lives of many people and sparking racism, especially towards Asians.

With this in mind, fans were far from pleased when they noticed a post on the Instagram of WayV‘s trainer.

Since he was part of the group’s staff, they signed a couple of their recent Take Over The Moon albums for him. To show his thanks, the trainer decided to post photos of them with a caption about coronavirus and the group that had fans angry.

The trainer had written, “Even Coronavirus can’t stop them.” To top it off, he’d confidently added an emoji for fire.

Fans viewed the caption as not only insensitive to the worldwide crisis the virus has caused but racist as well. Since the group is Chinese, it’s merely fanning the flames of people who have been mistakingly believing that all Chinese people are tied to the virus, simply because that’s the country where the virus originated.

The fact that there are recently shared photos of Xiaojun with what appeared to be the trainer in question only made fans more upset, especially since he seems to be the same trainer for the rest of NCT as well.

In addition to using the hashtag #Respect_WayV to voice their anger and concerns, it seems like fans had gone straight to the trainer and directly shared their thoughts on his post. His Instagram account now appears to have been deactivated.

So far, neither Label V or SM Entertainment have spoken up about what was posted or the status of the trainer’s employment.