Fans Angry As Red Velvet’s Teasers Got Postponed To “Improve” Quality But Still Had Glaring Mistakes

Even the Red Velvet members had something to say.

The anticipation surrounding Red Velvet‘s third studio album, Chill Kill, experienced a hiccup yesterday when a part of their teaser promotions was postponed. RED Production, the group’s production center under SM Entertainment, had promised to release the album details on Friday at midnight, but they were delayed until 6 PM.

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The album details, crucial for generating buzz and facilitating album sales, consist of teaser images showcasing the physical album packaging. Netizens always look forward to this teaser in particular when it comes to Red Velvet, because their physical albums never disappoint and are sought after by fans and non-fans alike.

The announcement of the delay was made on Twitter, where RED Production cited the need to improve the album details’ completeness as the reason behind the postponement.

This delay didn’t sit well with the fans, who were left frustrated after no pictures were posted at midnight as promised. The frustration was further fuelled when one of Red Velvet’s members, Wendy, took to Bubble to apologize for the delay, prompting fans to argue that it should be the company, not the artists, shouldering the responsibility and apologizing for such mishaps.

When the album details were finally released, they generated a positive buzz, with the aesthetically pleasing physical album packaging images sweeping over the internet, enticing even non-fans to consider pre-ordering the album. However, the celebration was short-lived as eagle-eyed fans spotted glaring mistakes on some of the albums.

Notably, the group’s name and the album title were misspelled as “Red Velevet” and “Cill Kill,” respectively. This error, coming after a delay meant to improve the quality, reignited fans’ frustration.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first issue ReVeluvs have encountered during this promotional period. Previously, some members of Red Velvet had expressed disappointment with SM Entertainment following fans’ complaints about the resolution of their teasers. These incidents have cast a shadow over an otherwise highly anticipated release, set to be unleashed on November 13 along with the title track bearing the same name.

The series of missteps has brought attention to the management and quality control practices at RED Production and SM Entertainment. Fans hope that the blunders won’t distract from the upcoming album’s release, which is eagerly awaited by K-Pop aficionados hungry for Red Velvet’s signature blend of music and aesthetics. As the release date of “Chill Kill” draws nearer, all eyes will be on the quintet and SM Entertainment to deliver on the high expectations set for this album.

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