BTS’s V Mentions His Mixtape And Fans Are Anticipating A ‘KTH1’ Drop Very Soon

Who’s ready for KTH1?

BTS recently held an interview with Genius and revealed the meaning behind the lyrics of “Life Goes On.”

Throughout the interview, each of the members sang their part and expressed the meaning behind the lyrics.

At the end of the interview, J-Hope sings his part and expresses his feelings of what he wants to do after the pandemic is over.

Firstly, I want the pandemic to be over soon so that we can meet our fans through a concert in person. And everybody to be in good health? Those are the things I want the most.

— J-Hope

Jungkook and RM whisper “Grammy” as another thing that they want as well. J-Hope, who heard their whispers, adds, “Oh yeah, Grammy! Let’s go!”

The members go on to reveal what they wish they could do. Jin commented, “I wish I could stay fit without having to work out.”

Jungkook adds, “I wish I could get buff by snapping my fingers and get slim with another snap.”

V suddenly states, “I wish my mixtape would come out soon,” and shocks all fans watching the video.

RM speaks for all the fans as he comments, “V, I really want it to come out too.”

Fans are now officially shook as they anticipate a possible KTH1 mixtape on his birthday.

I guess we will have to wait until V’s birthday to see if a mixtape really does drop!